With its crisscrossing staircases, elliptical arches, and nooks and niches around every corner, this mixed use downtown building is a sight to behold. Constructed entirely out of concrete, the challenges and achievements of this project were massive. Evident everywhere in this building is the craftsmanship and attention to detail that was put into the project. Swirling handcrafted steel railings and balconies, hand-carved stone doorknobs and sinks, handmade steel windows and doors, custom-designed tiles on every floor, custom blown glass light fixtures—this building is a work of art that houses the art of so many talented artisans.

What the client had to say…

The team at Upton Construction has the basics down. They are good communicators, reliable and budget-oriented builders. They are also well respected by the various electrical, plumbing, and other trades. What makes them outstanding is the way they apply their craft to each individual project. Extracting the owner and architects true vision and mission and translating it into a finished product that is an absolute delight to live, work, and play in.