La Roca

To see a wild space covered in boulders transform into a family’s dream home is incredibly satisfying. From the beginning, the owners were deeply involved—enjoying not only the results but also the process. A shop was one of the first things to get set up so that the owner could begin making all the interior doors. Many an afternoon was spent walking and wondering “what are we going to do with all these rocks?” It is a special opportunity to be involved in the construction of your home and it was so great seeing the joy that it brought here. 

What the client had to say…

Working with Upton Construction to build our custom home was a delight from start to finish. Building a Jeff Shelton designed home can present many challenges, but Matt and the whole team at Upton Construction never seemed phased by any of our unusual requests. We would highly recommend Upton Construction to anyone planning a new home or remodel.